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Help Harriet Heal


Harriet Davis is the daughter of Inspector Stuart Davis and is a delightful 12 year old girl, who lives with her family in the lower Blue Mountains. She enjoys school and is very sociable but her main passion is Netball which she has played together with her twin sister for the past 5 years. Along with their 17 year old sister they enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. 


Saturday the 15th September 2018 was a carefree fun day enjoying boating activities on the Nepean River. It ended in a tragic accident resulting in the loss of Harriet’s lower left arm. This one devastating moment changed her life forever. Harriet’s future will now be very different and challenging. She will need to retrain her other arm to compensate the loss of her dominant arm and hand. Regaining independence and overcoming mental anguish will be extremely difficult as well as facing everyday tasks that we take for granted.


Harriet is determined to be active and to be able to play her beloved Netball again which is her biggest priority. To make her dream possible she will need a prosthesis. Her recovery will undoubtedly be filled with many obstacles but her strong attitude, her loving family and community support can make Harriet’s future more fulfilling and bright.

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